Becoming More Fruitful in Cross-Cultural Work

How To Be Free in Christ and Rooted in Reality as You Fulfill Your Call

Did God call you to the field to set others free in Christ while you stay trapped in an unintended form of ministry bondage?

Everyone, whether individuals or organizations, has metrics of what success looks like. But over time, those metrics can become the primary way we evaluate our fruitfulness. Much like the Galatians, cross-cultural workers can inadvertently turn our metrics into a modern version of “the law” and be enslaved by it.

Amy Young, viral communicator and veteran of eighteen years in China, understands that burnout on the field is often related to being more focused on fruitfulness in ministry than in our spiritual life. As Paul advocates in his letter to the Galatians, she desires that you walk with the Spirit and experience true freedom in Christ. This freedom and fruitfulness exist in three directions: with God, others, and yourself.

Can you really be fruitful given the realities you face, whether a particular teammate, culture, or stress? You can mark your fruitfulness on the field by your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Becoming More Fruitful in Cross-Cultural Work can be your reality.

Let’s redefine fruitfulness in cross-cultural work.

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Amy Young

Amy Young

Amy Young wants to help people find the sweet spot between burn out and rust out with ongoing personal and professional development. Founder of Global Trellis, co-founder of Velvet Ashes, she personally blogs at Messy Middle, and is the author of four books (Looming Transitions, Love, Amy, Enjoying Newsletters, and Getting Started. You too can live …View Full Bio