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What Caught the Attention of Chinese Christians Last Year?

If a Christian from the West were asked what the biggest Christian news story out of China was in 2014, no doubt the answer would be the campaign to demolish church crosses in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In fact, for many in the West, that might be the only Christian-related news story out of China they are aware of.

But there were other stories that caught the attention of Chinese Christians in 2014. 

In our Chinese Church Voices publication, we recently published a translation of an article from the mainland site Christian Times which listed the top ten Christian news stories in China in 2014. While the Wenzhou cross controversy tops the list as well, the others might be a bit more surprising.

  1. Churches in Wenzhou Encounter a Storm of Controversy over the Cross
  2. Corruption Case of Pastor David Yonggi Cho of Korea Shocks Chinese Christians
  3. Hong Kong "Heavenly Song" Evangelism Conference Leads Thousands to Christ
  4. Shenzhen Christian Church Holds Celebration of Thanksgiving to Commemorate Thirtieth Anniversary of Worship Reinstatement
  5. Two House Churches in Foshan, Guangdong Are Banned as Illegal Social Organizations
  6. Zhaoyuan, Shandong "Almighty God" Cult Murder Case Indirectly Affects Christianity
  7. Domestic Terrorist Violence, ISIS Rampage Causes Reflection on Religion and Terrorism
  8. Following the Eighteenth National Congress Fourth Plenary Session, the Head of the Religious Affairs Bureau Says, “Advance Religious Work Within Conventional Rule of Law”
  9. Paris 2014 Special Revival Event Held Hoping Chinese Churches Will Promote Revival in Europe
  10. Christian Prodigy Li Wenqi Shows the Power of Faith and Home-Schooling

You can read the full articles at Chinese Church Voices by following the links below. 

Image Credit: Joann Pittman

Joann Pittman

Joann Pittman

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