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Using the Past in the Present to Pray for the Future

China is in need of prayer now more than ever. “Intercessors for China” is pleased to announce our new illustrated prayer app: Pray for China: A Walk through History.

Each day we have a prayer request for the people of China tied to a specific historical event. The requests cover people in all of China’s provinces and major cities, and each prayer item is also linked to a Bible reference.

We feature stories of many well-known people and events in Chinese history, but we also touch on lesser known ones that God has used in building his kingdom in China.

Here are samples of events that we highlight from the Imperial, Republican and Communist eras that we hope will whet your appetite to download the app:

  1. A poet-sage takes refuge in a faraway city.
  2. A missionary comes to China at Kublai Khan’s invitation.
  3. A Uighur monk takes communion with the Pope in Rome.
  4. An emperor writes a poem about the cross.
  5. A Chinese veteran of the US Civil War becomes an Episcopal priest in Shanghai.
  6. The first Chinese woman to graduate from a US medical college founds the Chinese Red Cross.
  7. A former mullah from Turkey becomes a pioneer missionary to Xinjiang and translates the Bible into Uighur.
  8. A Canadian doctor loses her husband and child on a trek to Lhasa but survives to plant a Tibetan church.
  9. A Norwegian woman sees revival ignited through confession of infanticide.
  10. A Harley-Davidson-riding medical missionary becomes Billy Graham’s father-in-law.
  11. A Christian prisoner writes her testimony in her own blood.
  12. An executed Miao pastor is honored at Westminster Abbey.
  13. A Tiananmen Square student leader finds Christ in a snowy shed on Christmas.
  14. A Canadian is murdered for helping North Korean refugees.
  15. A church distributes flyers at abortion hospitals as part of its prolife ministry.

The app will be available in Apple and Android versions after December 18.

These prayer items are also available on our website (, on Facebook (Pray for China), and on twitter (@Pray4China).

Please join us in lifting up a mighty chorus of prayer for China in the year 2020 and beyond.

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Jay Arthur

Jay Arthur (pseudonym), with his wife BJ, has lived in China for many years and was in Beijing in June 1989.View Full Bio

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