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Stewardship Resources for China

A recent Chinese Church Voices post looked at the issue of financial management in Chinese churches.

The growing discussion on this topic within China’s Christian community highlights some of the tensions that have arisen as the church becomes more visible and its members demand greater transparency in financial matters. This discussion also points up the relative lack of resources within the Chinese church on financial management and on stewardship issues in general.

Fortunately this need is beginning to be met from a variety of sources both within and outside China. Resources currently available include:

  • The Good and Faithful Steward, a blog and social media platform that posts stewardship-related material several times each week. The articles are categorized by topic and address stewardship in the areas of finances, work, time, family, and the church.



WeChat  ID: 忠心好管家

  • The Sower is a book on biblical fundraising written by Dr. Scott Rodin of The Steward’s Journey and Dr. Gary Hoag of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. It has been translated and published in simplified Chinese. Covering both a theology of fundraising as well as practical steps for effective ministry to financial supporters, The Sower provides a solid foundation for those faced with the challenge of gathering and stewarding financial resources for ministry. For further information on The Sower, please contact ChinaSource.
  • Generosity Path has added Chinese subtitles to several of their video testimonies and messages, which draw on the real life experiences of those who have stepped out in faith in the area of giving. These are available on the Generosity Path website.

As part of our Faith and Generosity in China initiative, ChinaSource looks forward to facilitating the provision of additional stewardship resources in the months to come, including:

  • a small group study,
  • more books, and
  • online courses.

In the meantime if you are aware of other helpful resources currently available in China please let us know so that we may share them. Write to

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