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A New Leader for ChinaSource

Last September, I shared in The Lantern the progress of ChinaSource over the past 20 years under Brent Fulton’s leadership, and our vision to continue engaging with the Chinese church and the global church in the coming years. At that time, we were in the midst of a search for Brent’s successor, initiated by Brent’s desire for a change in his responsibilities and role.

With deep appreciation to Brent for his steady, visionary leadership of ChinaSource, the board granted a ten-month sabbatical for Brent, his first in twenty years. Brent and his wife Jasmine are now four months into this period of spiritual renewal, reflection, and deepening. We look forward to working with Brent to define his future role with ChinaSource at the end of his sabbatical.

I am grateful to our readers and supporters who joined with us in praying for the board and the search process. The board recognized from the outset that this search could only be completed under the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we sought our Lord’s direction in bringing us to the right candidate (or him bringing the right candidate to us!).

The Lord has indeed been faithful. On behalf of the ChinaSource board and team, I am pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2019, the new president of ChinaSource will be Kerry Schottelkorb.

Kerry comes to us with a wealth of experience in ministry and a deep passion for the church in China. Over the past 33 years, Kerry has been involved in ministry across China as a founding pastor of Evangelical Community Church in Hong Kong, Vice-President of Advancement for English Language Institute in China and the North American Director of Christian Action Asia. In these positions Kerry has cultivated a keen love for China and Chinese ministry and developed a broad and diverse set of relationships across the US and Asia.

We are excited to welcome Kerry on board as he helps us expand and deepen our relationships across Asia and North America, and increase our capacity to help the global church work together with the Chinese church.

China continues at the forefront of global commerce, diplomacy and mission. Even as the church in China undergoes a season of “winter,” the church is also poised to join the global church in making the Lord known.   

In mid-March our board will have its spring meeting in Hong Kong and will start working with Kerry on his vision for ChinaSource. Immediately afterwards Kerry will be in Seattle for a three-day team meeting with staff.

Kerry’s visit to Seattle will also coincide with the March 21 ChinaSource Connect event.  If you are in the Seattle area, or have friends there, please consider joining us for an update on the church in China and to meet Kerry.

And also, please join us in thanking God for his leadership in this season. We look forward to further introducing Kerry to you as he settles into his role. As early as next week he will be sharing on the blog so stay tuned to learn more about the new president of ChinaSource.

For the official announcement of Kerry Schottelkorb’s appointment as president of ChinaSource and additional updates and news, please read the February Lantern.

Image Credit: Thibauld Nion via Flickr.

Victor Hou

Victor Hou is the board chairman for ChinaSource. He has lived and worked in Asia for the past 16 years and has served on the ChinaSource board for two terms first in the 1990s and now in the 2010s.View Full Bio

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