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Pausing to Say Thank You

Although we are in the middle of year-end financial appeals, we need to pause and give thanks. We thank God, first and foremost, for building this community which loves Christ and Chinese people around the world.

Thank you, also, every one of you who has given something of yourself to the ChinaSource community in response to God’s call to serve the church in China and the Chinese diaspora. You mean a great deal to our ChinaSource team.

Indeed, we have been reminded of that many times. Often when one of us on the ChinaSource team is speaking at a church, attending a conference, or just talking on the phone to someone at a partnering organization, the question arises, “How many people are on your staff?” Without fail the person is surprised by the answer.

The ChinaSource team is small—a handful of full-time staff working together with an even smaller number of part-time staff. However, complementing this team is a growing community of volunteer content contributors, China-advisors, financial partners, and praying people who have an incredible impact on our shared ministry.

To take just one example, last year 57 volunteer writers from around the world contributed 96 posts to the ChinaSource Blog. Articles for the ChinaSource Quarterly were written by still others. These numbers, among the highest we have seen, represent a vibrant group of writers and their increasing contributions to ChinaSource, a hub where information, perspectives, praises, and prayer requests are exchanged and heard. The result is increased knowledge, greater understanding, and better alignment with God’s heart for Chinese people.

And so, we give thanks for you. Whether you are a reader, a writer, an advisor, a financial partner, or a person of prayer, we are grateful for you!

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Image credit: gabriel xu on Unsplash.
Kerry Schottelkorb

Kerry Schottelkorb

Rev. Kerry Schottelkorb is the president of ChinaSource. For twenty years Kerry was involved in local church planting and youth ministry, both in the US and Hong Kong. He was the founding pastor of the Cle Elum Alliance Church in Cle Elum, Washington and one of two founding pastors of Evangelical …View Full Bio

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