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Lord, I Love You

From the series Church Music of China

Last week’s post was about a popular Canaan Hymn, “5 O’clock in the Morning in China.” It has always been one of my favorites.

Another Canaan Hymn that I like is “Lord, I Love You” (#573). The simple and catchy tune, as well as the repetitive nature of the lyrics, makes it easy to learn.

The translation below (by me) represents the meaning of the song; it is not a lyrical translation.

Lord, I love you, Lord, I love you.
In my heart I truly love you.

I am small, I am small.
I sincerely need you to lean on.

In the wind and the rain, you help me.
In the dark of night you lead me.

Lord I love you, Lord, I love you.
In my heart I truly love you.

Lord I want you, Lord I want you.
In my heart I truly want you.

I am weak, I am weak.
I sincerely need your help.

In the midst of coping, In the midst of misunderstanding;
In favorable circumstances, in adversity,

Lord I want you, Lord I want you.
My heart truly wants you.

You can download the words and music (in Chinese), with numerical notation here.

China Soul for Christ Foundation has archived all of the music and audio of the Canaan Hymns You can find them here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to a couple of them.

Image credit: Joey Huang on Unsplash.
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