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Lessons from Timothy Richard

On April 30, we hosted a webinar titled “Real Lives of Real Missionaries: The Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard,” presented by Dr. Andrew Kaiser. It could just as well have been tilted “Real Lives, Real Glitches,” as we ran into some unexpected technical difficulties (aren’t they all unexpected?).

With some creativity and fast thinking by our tech team, flexibility on the part of Andrew, and nearly 200 intrepid participants who stuck with it, we were able to conduct the webinar in its entirety, including a robust Q&A session.

The lecture was fantastic, and we don’t want the benefit to go only to those who registered and participated. If you weren’t able to attend, not to worry, we have done some editing to produce a relatively “clean” version of the webinar (minus the glitches). It is now available in its entirety on our website and on YouTube.  

There were quite a few more questions submitted than there was time for Andrew to answer. He has graciously offered to answer them all in writing and we will make them available here as well.

Here’s what a few of the participants had to say:

The lecture was excellent, and I am very glad our students were able to learn more with this event.

Dr. Matt Miller, Professor of History, University of Northwestern-St. Paul

Deep appreciation to Dr. Andrew Kaiser for so clearly illuminating the seminal missionary work of Timothy Richard in China. Many will be able to employ the principles of evangelism Andrew cites in our current efforts.

Chairman, Board of Directors, Evergreen Family Friendship Service.

My wife, and I had a long conversation after the session ended. We conclude, when talking about mission in China today, the context is indeed complex. It is hard to say anything that is universally true. Thanks for a stimulating webinar.

Tom McGuire, Chair of the US-China Catholic Association Board

Some marvelous stuff. Thanks so much. I pray it will be a great incentive to young people to follow in their steps. Oh to be young again! (I’m only 86)”

Name withheld

Thanks again, Andrew for a wonderful and thought-provoking lecture.

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Image Credit: Evgeny Nelmin on  Unsplash.
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Joann Pittman

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