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Glory to God All the Earth

Songs of the St. Louis Jesuits in Chinese

From the series Church Music of China

Some of you may be familiar with a contemporary hymn that was popular in the 1980s, Here I Am, sometimes called, I, The Lord of Sea and Sky. It was a favorite for church choirs, as well as congregational singing.

The hymn was written by Dan Schulte, who was part of a group of Jesuits composing contemporary liturgical music for the Catholic church. Based out of St. Louis University, they eventually became known as The St. Louis Jesuits. Over the years they composed and published numerous hymns that became popular in Catholic churches around the country. They also recorded a number of albums, some of which were nominated for Grammy Awards.

The works of The St. Louis Jesuits are now represented by Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), a publishing company dedicated to providing musical resources for Catholic churches worldwide.

While attending the conference hosted by the US-China Catholic Association in Santa Clara in August, I learned about a CD put out by OCP of Chinese translations of many of the St. Louis Jesuits most popular songs, including Here I Am, Lord. The album is titled Pu Shi Rong Zan (普世荣赞). Glory to God All the Earth. Here is the description from the OCP website:

Bring Chinese and bilingual Catholics together in song
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Jesuits’ impact on China, this intra-cultural resource brings Chinese and bilingual Catholics together through the power of music. Rediscover some of the St. Louis Jesuits’ most popular songs (1980–2004), as well as an original title composed specifically for this collection.

Give new voice to beloved melodies
Each of the 15 songs feature fluent and fitting Chinese that is accessible for all ages, including ordained clergy, pastoral musicians, and linguistic experts. The Southern California Chinese Catholic Chorale combine with Chinese and western musical arrangements to breathe new life into melodies that have become staples in worship communities around the world.

If you’re looking for some worship music in Chinese to strengthen and encourage your soul, I would recommend this album. It can be purchased directly from OCP.

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Joann Pittman

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