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Getting Rid of the B-I-G

The latest episode in our ChinaSource Conversations podcast series continues our exploration into mentoring in the Chinese context.

One of our three panelists challenged us with the idea that, in order to develop effective leaders, we need to “get rid of the B-I-G.” He was referring to the assumption that bigger is necessarily better. Whether in China or in the West, emphasizing bigger facilities, more people reached, or expanded programs can all be symptoms of our fixation on big results.

In contrast, this experienced mentor told how he spends long periods of quality time with a handful of leaders in China, often by taking them on wilderness retreats.  Another panelist, himself a Chinese pastor, validated the approach by sharing about the foreign Christian worker who spent years mentoring him as a young Christian. In the years since, God has used this pastor to plant four churches. In each of these churches, he has intentionally mentored others to assume leadership, thus continuing the pattern he learned from his own mentor.

In unpacking how and why they mentor in China, all our panelists pointed to the ultimate example, who is Christ.

Although Jesus proclaimed the gospel and ministered to many during his time on earth, yet we do not find him establishing any organization or training institution to multiply his success. For Jesus, ministry and mentoring went hand in hand. The work of ministry constituted the training ground for his disciples, who went on to multiply the ministry of Jesus and eventually change the world.

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