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Christmas Cards Made in Shanxi

But Made with a Purpose

For a long time, we’ve known about a special group of artisans in a small town in Yangqu County, Shanxi Province, China. We’d like you to know about them, too.

Here in the rural villages surrounding the town of Huangzhai, approximately 30-35 ladies lovingly create tens of thousands of individually hand-cut greeting cards every year. Using such simple tools as Exacto knives and cutting boards made from beeswax they make Christmas, Easter, and general greeting cards that are used by people all over China, North America, Australia, and the world.

Perhaps you have heard of them—or may have received one of their exquisite cards in the mail over the years—but, if not, we want to make sure that you get to know this small company, Evergreen Cards, and the artisans who create Evergreen products!

When we asked the folks at Evergreen why Evergreen Cards even exists in this 21st century of technological efficiency—where machines, robotics, and software programs are being used to produce nearly everything in society that used to be crafted by hand—they responded with two simple reasons. 

First, this was one of the best projects that Evergreen started 13 years ago to develop long-lasting relationships in the name of Jesus with a multitude of families in Yangqu County. 

And second, because from the start—and continuing until today—Evergreen (through their Samaritan Fund) has identified dozens of families living in this area who would benefit from a nontraditional employment opportunity. For some, farming injuries, other physical disablities, or serious or chronic illnesses have made it difficult to provide economically for their families.  Other individuals are unable to work outside their home in a regular job setting because they must provide care inside the home for disabled family members. For many in these situations cutting cards is a means to earn funds needed to sustain their families.

Since 2003 the purpose of Evergreen Cards has been to provide economic opportunity with dignity for the card-cutters and their families in a way that also helps them understand how much they are loved by the Lord.  And finally, to provide stunningly beautiful greeting cards for people to use worldwide at prices lower than most of the individual, machine-cut cards produced by large commercial greeting card companies.

We’d like to encourage you to partner with Evergreen Cards in this important work. Consider using these lovely cards to send your Christmas greetings this year to your friends and family.

If you live in North America, go to the Evergreen Cards website at to place your order.  Or, if you live in China or anywhere else in the world, send an email to and they will send you an electronic product brochure along with all the information you need to get your order placed.

Thanks for joining with us in supporting the good work of Evergreen Cards

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