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A Long Journey in the Same Direction with ChinaSource

From the series Looking Back

I am a ChinaSource junkie! Since the early days of the China Challenge events I was hooked. Why? The ChinaSource team organized speakers and working groups focused on issues and strategies to help organizations serve China better. I was better informed and better connected to others working in China because of my involvement at ChinaSource events. During this month of thanksgiving I want to express my gratitude to the ChinaSource board and team for helping me and other organizational leaders grow in three ways:

  • keeping us informed about the latest news in China,
  • analyzing current trends, and
  • providing networking opportunities to meet others doing similar work.

Receiving news about what is going on in and around China is essential for our work in China. When ZGBriefs started filling my inbox on a weekly basis I was so thankful that I didn’t have to track down all those news stories on my own. In time ChinaSource added more e-resources and publications to give me a deeper understanding of the issues so that I could minister more effectively in China.

Working in China is a challenge. It’s difficult to really understand what is going on as an outsider and how to set strategies. I am thankful that Dr. Brent Fulton and his team have done the hard work for us over these last twenty years. He has researched, listened, and explained the most complex ideas, policies, and situations to the outside church so that we could work more effectively.

Finally, I appreciate the opportunities that ChinaSource has organized for me to meet others doing similar work. I am a networker at heart! When the ChinaSource team sent me an invitation to an event or program, I cleared my schedule so that I could attend. Many of the people who attend are my friends. If they are not already my friends then I want to meet them because they have a love and passion for the same people I do—the beautiful people of China!

Thank you, ChinaSource, for your work, your dedication, and your invaluable insight that help me do effective work for the people of China. To God be the glory!

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Lisa Nagle

Lisa Nagle, BA, MA, has been working in and around China since 1991. She has lived in Changsha, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Lisa is founder and executive director of Pacific Link International Educational Services (PLIES, which provides short-term and long-term study abroad experiences for youth from China. View Full Bio

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