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2021’s Top 10 ChinaSource Blog Posts

Welcome to the first week of January! It’s time to look back at 2021 and review the most-read posts of the year. 

  1. Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China, Peter Bryant (September 17, 2021). What does it take to get back home to China during COVID-19?
  2. WeChat and Chinese Christians: A Match Made on Earth—Used for Gospel Good, Wesley Taylor (March 17, 2021).
    This is the first of three posts about WeChat that made it to the top 10 list. Taylor gives us an overview of the ways Chinese Christians are using the app to connect and grow in their faith. 
  3. The Chinese Church in Transition, CHEN Jing (June 14, 2021).
    Christianity in China has been through multiple stages and is now in transition again. 
  4. Why Do Chinese Come to Faith? An Infographic from InterVarsity International Student Ministry, ChinaSource Team (July 19, 2021).
    Check out this infographic and learn what are the most important factors for Chinese people coming to Christ. 
  5. I Wish They Knew, Barbara Kindschi (February 3, 2021).
    A top 10 list of what a Chinese professor wishes foreigners knew before arriving in China. 
  6. From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom: The Hui, an Introduction, Julie Ma (August 2, 2021).
    The Hui ethnic minority is traditionally Muslim and needs a different approach to evangelism. 
  7. To WeChat or Not to WeChat?, Joann Pittman (May 14, 2021).
    There are lots of answers to this question.  
  8. 3 Questions: Christian Architecture in China: An Interview with Alexander Quan, Joann Pittman (March 19, 2021).
    Don’t miss the beautiful video montage of historic churches in China and the accompanying interview. 
  9. 3 Questions: Using WeChat for Gospel Outreach, Joann Pittman (February 15, 2021).
    One believer tells how she uses WeChat to share her faith with friends and family. 
  10. Reflections on Returning “Home”, Mary McCoy (January 11, 2021).
    A returned missionary describes the process of coming to feel at home again after leaving China. 

We’re excited for all that 2022 will bring. Be sure to join us as we deepen our understanding of how God is working in mainland China and all over the globe. 

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