Resources by Andrea Klopper

Andrea Klopper has taught in South Africa, the United Kingdom and China; she has mentored Mandarin language students and developed a cultural orientation and acquisition program which she used in two organizations. She enjoys reading, cycling in her city as well as making local friends.

Jun 24, 2013

China - Here We Are!

by Andrea Klopper

How can one prepare for service in China? The author provides practical insights with examples from her own experiences when she first lived in another culture. From exploring one's expectations to extending grace and embracing the challenge, Ms. Klopper offers valuable advice that can lessen the initial strain of cross-cultural living.

Jan 7, 2013

Listening to the Heart

A Book Review

by Andrea Klopper

Factory Girls: Voices from the Heart of Modern China by Leslie T. Chang. Picador, 2010, ISBN-10: 033044736X, ISBN-13: 978-0330447362; 320 pages; paper $10.88; Kindle edition $11.99 at Amazon. (Note: Various editions are available with a slightly different title, dates of publication and number of pages.)

Reviewed by Andrea Klopper

Jun 25, 2013

Starter Questions to Develop Cultural Understanding and Build Relationships

by Andrea Klopper

In "China -- Here We Are", Andrea Klopper writes that "a good way to start building relationships is through asking questions." Here is a list of questions for getting to know people and understand their culture in greater depth.

Sep 8

The Rushing on of the Purposes of God

A Book Review

by Andrea Klopper

A review of  Andrew Kaiser's The Rushing on of the Purposes of God: Christian Missions in Shanxi since 1876.