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Walking with Leaders

Walking with Leaders

Coaching in China: Navigating Culture

The first in a series of podcasts

Based on a consultation held in 2014, the theme of this first podcast, coaching, focuses on “drawing out.” The individuals interviewed each have experience and expertise in this area and present a diversity of viewpoints. Find this first conversation at:

ChinaSource Conversations 

Future podcasts in this series will include the topics of mentoring, or “pouring in,” and spiritual formation, which is the big picture, the landscape of our journey with the Lord.

We hope these podcasts will be both informative and encouraging. From them, we are anticipating a rich dialogue and exchange of ideas resulting in a valuable resource that will enable those ministering in China to hear from others who have walked the same path.

We are pleased to present this first installment of the “Walking with Leaders” series as part of ChinaSource Conversations. Stay tuned for more to come!

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ChinaSource Team

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