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Resources for Returnees and Those Who Serve Them

Helpful books, websites, and downloads. 


Chinn, Lisa Espineli, Think Home: A Reentry Guide for Christian International Students Intervarsity Press, ISBN 978-0-9835848-0-3.

Chinn, Lisa Espineli, Back Home: Daily Reflections on Re-entry, Intervarsity Press, 32 pages, ISBN 978-0-9835848-1-0.

Returnee Handbook—海归手册, A handbook written for mainland Chinese returnees.
To purchase call or email Overseas Campus Ministries (OCM). Chinese edition: US$7.50
Telephone: +1-310-328-8200 ext. 105; Email:; or go to

New HorizonsAdjusting to Life Back Home by International Students, Inc. This book provides a wealth of information, advice, and encouragement for international students returning to their home countries.

 Websites and Downloads    

Friends International: Downloadable Resources, by Friends International UK. Free downloads for churches and organizations desiring to serve effectively among international students. The section “Students Returning Home” may be particularly helpful.

Sea Turtles This website aims to provide resources for Chinese returnees—both those who are preparing to return home or those who have recently returned.

Tool Kit for Working with Chinese—UPDATED. Recommended books, websites, newsletters, videos, conferences, networks, etc. Updated Feb 2016. 

Home AgainPreparing International Students to Serve Christ in Their Home Countries by Nate Mirza.

ID Course (Student and Leaders’ Notes) A 10-session series of discussions aimed at discipling international students in the Christian faith. Topics covered include decision making, relating to parents, relationships and religious customs. Available on the Friends International UK website or by writing to Communications Manager Jack Bentley at Specific questions about the course can be addressed to Sue Burt, Head of Returnee Ministry at 

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