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Resources about Teaching in China

The following resources deal with the theology and practice of teaching in the context of Christian mission and are intended to provoke further discussion and reflection. Authors represent a variety of viewpoints (including one atheistic researcher). There is a preponderance of works from a language teaching context.

It is beyond the scope of this edition of China Source Quarterly to recommend detailed curricular information in specific areas.

Books reviewed by China Source

Kitty Barnhouse Purgason, Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers: How to Be a Teacher with Convictions while Respecting Those of Your Students (William Carey Library, 2016) [Reviewed in this issue of ChinaSource Quarterly,]

Bradley Baurain, Religious Faith and Teacher Knowledge in English Language Teaching (UK, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015) [Reviewed in ChinaSource Blog, April 16, 2018,]

Other Books

Jan Dormer, Teaching English in Missions: Effectiveness and Integrity (Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2011)

Donald Snow, English Teaching as Christian Mission: An Applied Theology (Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2001)

Cheri Pierson and Will Bankston, eds., Thinking Theologically about Language Teaching: Christian Perspectives on an Educational Calling (Langham, 2017)

David Smith and Barbara Carvill, The Gift of the Stranger: Faith, Hospitality, and Foreign Language Learning (Eerdmans, 2000)

Bill Johnston, English Teaching and Evangelical Mission: The Case of Lighthouse School (Multilingual Matters, 2017) [ethnographic research, self-identified atheist researcher]

Amy Peterson, Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World (Discovery House, 2017) [book-length narrative by a Christian TESOLer]

Michael Romanowski and Teri McCarthy, Teaching in a Distant Classroom: Crossing Borders for Global Transformation (IVP, 2009)

Online Resources

Christian English Language Educators Association (CELEA),

International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching,  [This is peer-reviewed and open-access.]

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