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Obtaining a Chinese Bible

There are numerous ways to obtain Chinese Bibles, both outside of China and inside. Consider this your handy guide.

Chinese Bibles

Inside Mainland China

Bibles printed by Amity Press for the CCC/TSPM can be purchased at registered churches. A Chinese-English Bible is also available for download directly from the CCC/TSPM website in .rar format.

Outside Mainland China:

  • Ambassadors for Christ Bookstore
    This online bookstores is one of the best sources for Chinese Bibles in North America. It offers six different versions of the Chinese Bible. A list of the versions, as well as a short description of each can be found on this page.
    Amazon has numerous versions and editions of the Chinese Bible for sale, both print and audio.
  • Bamboo Resource Centre
    Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Bamboo is part of OMF-NZ and offers several Bible options including Pinyin and an audio version in Mandarin on CD as well as other resources.
  • Bibles in Bulk 
    To buy multiple copies, Bibles in Bulk offers several Chinese Bible options including the Chinese Contemporary Bible in simplified script.  
  • Chinese Bible International, LTD
    Chinese Bible International, based in Hong Kong, has a wide selection of Chinese Bibles in both traditional and simplified script.
    Churchsource has a number of versions of the Bible in Chinese in simplified script.
  • COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission)
    Has Bibles in both simplified and traditional script.
    Eden, based in the UK, has a number of Chinese Bibles available on their site.
  • Fountain of Grace 
    Based in Perth, Australia, Fountain of Grace offers Chinese Bibles and other resources.
  • United Bible Societies 
    Bibles are available in both print and digital formats from local Bible societies. For information see the following sites:

  • The Wandering Bookseller 
    The Wandering Bookseller (Australia) includes a Chinese language section with Bibles and other resources.
  • ZakBijbelBond
    A Dutch foundation specializing in importing and distributing Bibles and outreach materials from all kinds of countries, in all kinds of languages and sizes. They carry Chinese language Bibles in both traditional and simplified script.

Chinese Bible Apps

Two of the most popular Chinese Bible reading apps are:
A more complete list of Chinese Bible apps can be found at this website. As of this writing, they remain widely available in China. 

Article updated on October 10, 2018.

Image credit: Girl with Bible Jiangsu province by David Hodgson via Flickr.
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