Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Please pray…

  1. That scholars concerned with religious policies would have wisdom and discernment as they draft laws and work to bring them to the attention of the government. Currently, dealing with religious issues does not seem to be a priority for the Chinese government.
  2. That pastors, Christian administrators and leaders will have wisdom, grace and discretion to know how to deal with the various government agencies that regulate religious activities.
  3. That Christian churches will develop a more realistic view and understanding of the current social environment and religious policies, and that they will be able to adjust their judgments and responses accordingly.
  4. For pastors and congregations as they determine whether or not their church should register with the government.
  5. Giving thanks for the increased freedom for religious practice that has taken place over the last thirty years.

Image Credit: Turn my Darkness into Light by Josh Kenzer, on Flickr 

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