Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Please pray…

  1. That Chinese teens as they study internationally, many in the U.S., will find support during the time of transition and be introduced to the gospel.
  2. That Christian schools accepting Chinese teens will prepare well, provide care for these teens and support them in their studies.
  3. That churches, both Chinese and American, interacting with international Chinese teens will be able to introduce them to Christ and help them grow in their faith.
  4. That host families for these teens will have patience as they deal cross-culturally, give love and support and model the Christ life for the students they receive.
  5. That parents in China who are home-schooling or working within the Christian education movement would have wisdom in teaching their children and rearing them according to biblical principles.
  6. That the Chinese government would be open to Christian education and eventually provide accreditation for Christian schools. 

Image Credit: Katie Schuelke 

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