Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Vol. 19, No. 3

Please pray . . . 

  1. That China’s churches will come to value their history, learn about it, and discover how it can enhance and deepen their current ministry.
  2. That as historical research becomes available, pastors and leaders will reflect upon it, teach it to their congregations, and apply its lessons to current situations.
  3. That foreigners serving in China will not only learn Chinese history but recognize its underpinnings, the way it is taught, and how to understand it.
  4. For the many women serving Christ in China’s church and missions. Pray that their achievements both historically and in the present will be acknowledged and used for discerning future service.
  5. That China’s Christians will use the resources available to them to learn of their past, draw lessons from their history, and move forward in the light of what they have learned. 
Image credit: Prayers by Sheila, on Flickr.

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