Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Vol. 19, No. 2

Please pray . . . 

  1. For China’s Christian leaders and pastors as they recognize changes in the church over past years and grapple with developing a theology of ministry that encompasses the new realities.
  2. That China’s pastors of urban churches will recognize the changes that have occurred over recent years, the need for new methods, and the willingness and ability to adopt new forms of ministry.
  3. For China’s church leadership as it deals with the “new media” and learns how to use it in wise, productive ways to further the gospel while standing against its possible negative effects.
  4. For growing congregations that are adopting the “big church, small congregations” model. Pray they will have wisdom and understanding of the many factors involved as they introduce this new type of church.  
  5. For migrant workers’ urban churches and those pastoring them. Pray that the leadership will have wisdom as well as creativity in dealing with the many unique difficulties these churches face.
Image credit: Prayers by Sheila, on Flickr.

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