Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Vol. 18, No. 3

Please pray…

  1. For the many Christian Chinese students returning to their homeland each year. Pray they will readjust well into society and find a church and Christian friends.
  2. That the churches in China will become aware of the needs of returning students and work to incorporate them into their services and ministries.
  3. That churches in countries receiving Chinese students will prepare those who have come to know Christ for their return home and the challenges they will face.
  4. For organizations both inside and outside of China that work with returnees both to prepare them for their return and to support and aid them once they have returned.
  5. For partnerships to develop among churches and organizations working with returnees, both inside and outside of China. Pray for cooperation so that returnees will be prepared for their return and find help and support once they are back home.
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