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Affluenza: A Documentary on Urban Consumerism

 Affluenza: A Documentary on Urban Consumerism

Film available for viewing on YouTube and on Amazon 
Directed by John deGraaf and Vivia Boe, Bullfrog Films
USA, English, 56 minutes
©1997, KCTS Television
Presented by the Pew Charitable Trusts

What is affluenza?  Can it be cured? How dangerous is it? Where is it found and how prevalent is it? Many questions come to mind including:

  • Can happiness be bought?
  • Will affluenza lessen stress?
  • How does it affect marriages?
  • How does it affect society?
  • What’s the difference between the GNP and the GPI?

Is China’s urban life style following in the footsteps of America? This documentary presents the situation in North America as of 20 years ago, but the same undercurrents are at work in China today. To better understand China today and the challenges this trend poses to Chinese urban Christians, watch Affluenza.

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