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Looking Back at Our Top 10 Posts of 2023

Check out our readers’ top 10 favorite posts from 2023!

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A Strategy Forged in Bethlehem

Perhaps in the glow of Bethlehem’s star we can begin to see the sheer incongruity of the China narratives we had come to take for granted. The reliance on cultural or political influence, the ability to project power through financial resources, the desire to win, the need to make ourselves relevant—these belie our core identity as followers of Christ…

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Building Bridges in 2024

As we look forward to 2024, will you donate to help ChinaSource continue to build bridges between the church in China and the global church?

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Christmas Bliss

Journeying Through Life with a Vacation State of Mind

The warm vacation home offered a sanctuary, shielded from the snow and cold outside, where a joyous family embraced Christian peace and calm. It was a tranquil Christmas holiday, and the ambiance of "universal rejoicing in the coming of the Savior" felt perfectly in place.

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Can I Still Get a Bible in China?

Answering Common Questions

Since the Bible does not have a government-issued ISBN, they can only be sold legally in churches and bookstores affiliated with the [registered church] … “The process of printing and distributing Bibles is a regulated and systematic procedure that begins with an annual assessment by the [registered church] of the demand for Bibles. The proposed quantity is then submitted…for approval.”

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Silent Nights, Resilient Lights

Christmases in China

Christmas is about love. It’s about peace. It’s about joy. These are not things that you have or you don’t—they are things you have already been given. They are yours, but you must choose to open them, to release them.

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Prayer First

Sometimes God keeps graciously nudging our hearts as we pray, gifting us discomfort or a lack of peace until we make things right. Thank God for this nudging so our hearts can be set free, and relationships set right.

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Securitization of Everything

Churches and individual Chinese Christians have felt the impact of this shift to greater emphasis and concern about security. Unregistered churches and groups are seen as threats affecting societal and cultural security. Any foreign connections are seen through a security lens as a potential threat to China’s stability and healthy development.

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Thrive Globally

Empowering Chinese Church Leaders with Thriving Leaders

What sets Thriving Leaders apart is its collaborative approach, which involves trainers from various Chinese churches and seminaries worldwide coming together to create courses tailored for Chinese church leaders…. "Fundamental Truths" introduces basic theology, while "Overview of the New Testament" offers Bible school level training to Chinese pastors, all at no cost.

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In the midst of endless pain and suffering in a world filled with conflict and destruction, we can easily feel disoriented and distressed, losing sight of people and hope for the future…. It is a good reminder that [Christ]… became “nobody” for our sake in order to demonstrate that everyone is “somebody” in the eyes of God.