Chinese Church Voices from 2018

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Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 posts of 2018

What caught the attention of Chinese Church Voices readers this year?

Chinese Church Voices

A Pair of Socks

A small gift given out of love.

Chinese Church Voices

The Way of the Cross

How ought Christians to approach suffering and persecution in their faith? How should Christians support others who are experiencing persecution? A Chinese believer responds.

Chinese Church Voices

Worship in the Mountains of Yunnan

A Video

Singing hymns and the testimony of a church leader. 

Chinese Church Voices

The Church in China Prays

A look at some of the creative ways Christians are praying in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

Reflections on the Writings of Louis Cha

Wuxia novelist Louis Cha died at the end of October. One of his readers remembers the influence his writings.

Chinese Church Voices

Giving Thanks in China

As Americans observe Thanksgiving this week, Christians in northeast China already took the opportunity last month to give thanks.

Chinese Church Voices

Reflections from a Three-Self Pastor on the Challenges Faced by the Church in China

Chinese church development must work with Chinese culture, be grounded in Chinese society, and serve our Chinese brethren.

Chinese Church Voices

A Shanghai Pastor Reflects on Challenges Facing the Church in China

Christianity in China is entering a new stage in the church-state relationship. How should the church respond?