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Top 10 Posts of 2017

What caught your eye in 2017?


ZGBriefs | December 28, 2017

China Visas Explained (December 27, 2017, China Briefing)
Here, we provide details on all of the different types of visas and their applications and permitted uses.

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Serving a New Generation

The challenge going forward is to rethink what it means to serve in this new era.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Christians Look Back, Part 4

Sound teaching and biblical exposition are more a focal point of the church today than in the past.

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Wishing You a Balanced Christmas

Some things are just too good to keep to yourself, and Christmas is at the top of the list for an English teacher in China.

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A Better and Broader Understanding of China

Our lives have been transformed by China and ChinaSource has played a major role.


ZGBriefs | December 21, 2017

The Confucian Fundamentalists Who Want to Boycott Christmas (December 18, 2017, Sixth Tone)
Any tolerance toward purportedly non-Chinese religions is tacit acceptance of spiritual and cultural pollution, one that is usually decried as “Westernization.”

The Lantern

Change in the Right Direction

December news from ChinaSource.

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Holding Up Half the Church

The challenges faced by women in the church in China today.

Chinese Church Voices

A Question for Christians at Christmas

Am I Really Ready?

Pastor Yang reflects on how easily Christians can be distracted from the true significance of Christmas and encourages all to prepare their hearts to welcome the the Savior.