Winter 2015

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The Joy of Generosity

Experience in the business world followed by extensive Bible study produced within Dayton a desire to be generous. As a result, he founded organizations to teach others the life-changing principles he had discovered. In this article, he discusses attitudes towards giving, advantages in giving, and how to determine the amount we should give.

Lead Article

The Life That Is Truly Life

What is the difference between true life and counterfeit life? Ownership versus stewardship, the source of happiness as well as our security along with where we look for the provision of our needs are all elements that play a part in having true life. Moving from a counterfeit life into true life does not happen overnight but is a day-by-day journey as we trust in God.

Peoples of China

The Church in Yunnan Province

The author relates how a small church of twenty-plus members in Yunnan province gave joyfully out of their poverty to help people in another province who had been through an earthquake. His prayer is that others in China will imitate this little Yunnan church.

View From the Wall

Christian Generosity from a Chinese Cultural Perspective

Four incorrect assumptions often hinder Chinese Christians from understanding biblical generosity. Lee discusses elements of these assumptions involving poverty, prosperity, earthly examples of biblical generosity—including filial piety—and when it is best to start learning to be generous.


More Than Money

A Fresh Look at Biblical Stewardship

The guest editor's point of view . . .

Resource Corner

Two Stewardship Resources

Resources for learning about biblical stewardship.

Book Reviews

From Transaction to Transformation

Rediscovering the Biblical Foundations of Fund Raising

A review of The Sower: Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources by R. Scott Rodin and Gary G. Hoag.

For those assigned to raising funds for the ministries they represent, this book, by seasoned fund development professionals, suggests a shift requiring a reorientation of the view of fund raising. Rather than seeing it as a process of reaping financial increase for God’s work, it should be seen as a process of sowing into the lives of God’s stewards. It is a reminder that it is God who gives the increase. 

Supporting Article

A Faithful Steward’s Freedom

The author looks at two lives, that of Samuel Pollard and her own, to help us understand how faithful stewardship of time, abilities, and finances can be used to joyfully serve our Master, Jesus Christ. Pollard, an English missionary who loved the Big Flowery Miao people of southwest China, gave his life to introduce the Miao to Christ and uplift their society. The author is active in the arts and has been used by God to influence many lives in a variety of ways.