Winter 2014

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Experiencing World Youth Day as a Chinese Catholic

A young, Chinese woman shares her thoughts and experiences from World Youth Day which she attended in Madrid, in 2011. Included in her account are her reflections on several places her group visited as pilgrims as they journeyed to Madrid. She also shares the life-changing impact this event had for her as she dealt with issues of sin and forgiveness.

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Finding Faith and Purpose

The Search for Meaning for Young Adult Catholics in China

China’s young adults are searching for meaning in their lives. The Catholic Church is working to help them realize their God-given potential and allow them to discover their special calling in Christ. One obstacle to this is that many Catholics lack a strong belief in a personal God who loves them and created them for a special purpose. The author examines how the Catholic Church is dealing with these issues.

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A Place to Grow in Faith:

The Challenge of Developing Sustainable Faith Formation Programs in China

Often missing in China is a regular opportunity for Chinese Catholics to grow in the knowledge of their faith in a structured setting. In recent years, however, there has been a gradual rise of home-grown initiatives and program models adopted from overseas that are starting to change this situation. Nevertheless, challenges remain and the author looks at a number of reasons (beyond the more obvious political challenges) why the deepening of faith has been difficult.


A Window into Catholicism in Today’s China

An introduction to the 2014 winter issue by the editor of the ChinaSource Quarterly.


The Legacy of Catholicism


The guest editor's point of view.

View From the Wall

The Catholic Church in China and Evangelization through Social Media

The author begins by sharing his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ then continues by explaining his deep interest in the Catholic Church’s articulation of truth about Christ and the church as well as their relation to society. He looks at the current situation of the Catholic Church in China and concludes with the suggestion that the Internet can be used positively to bring church unity.

Book Reviews

Church Militant: Bishop Kung and Catholic Resistance in Communist Shanghai

A Book Review

Paul Mariani makes an essential contribution to the history of the Catholic Church in China during the twentieth-century when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) targeted religious organizations. Through research which includes previously unreleased classified documents and his multifaceted treatment of this turbulent period, he provides a gripping narrative of the gradual, but increasingly tension-filled, showdown between the CCP and the Catholic Church in Shanghai.

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Sacred Space 神圣的空间

Your daily prayer online 你的每日圣言在线
Resource Corner

Inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Sacred Spaces offers daily meditations on Holy Scripture and personal reflections aimed at helping us get in touch with God and experience his presence in our lives. 

Peoples of China

My Experience with Chinese Sisters

Ms. Yang spent two weeks in China on a retreat with religious sisters from the Catholic Church. Many of these Chinese sisters were facing struggles with a variety of issues including the lack of proper formation, community, opportunity for growth, and resources to provide for their educational, personal, and spiritual needs. While not representative of the Catholic Church in its entirety, her experience still provides helpful insights and fuels suggestions for nurturing these sisters.