Winter 2003

Lead Article

Contextualizing the Christian Message in China

Is the gospel accessible and understandable in China today?

Supporting Article

History, Myth, and Missions

Lessons to be learned from history, 

Supporting Article

“Spiritual Pollution” in the Chinese Church?

The impact of philosopy, both from the east and the west, on the church in China.

View From the Wall

China, the Greatest Christian Nation in the World

China is on the road to becoming a world power. The question is not if it will, but rather what kind of influence it will exert on the world scene. What path will the nation take? 

Peoples of China

The Cultural Crisis of Peasants in the Cities

Urbanization in China is proceeding at full speed with no return.  Nowadays, more and more factories are being established in Special Economic Zones (SEZs). These bring not only many opportunities to entrepreneurs, but many young people from villages seize the moment and rush to the cities for jobs. The city is a place full of possibilities and pitfalls. There are non-Christian peasants who come to know Jesus Christ in the city; however, there are also Christian peasants who lose their faith there.

Book Reviews

The Gospel, Philosophy, and Chinese Culture

Some Helpful Resources

A selection of books that provide an in-depth look at the relationships between the gospel, philosophy and Chinese culture.


Culture, Contextualization, and Character

The editor's perspective