Summer 2019

ChinaSource Quarterlies

Leadership Ethics

Vol. 21, No. 2

Summer 2019

Lead Article

The Church’s Greatest Crisis Comes from Inside

With the lack of pastoral ethics and recent church expansion, the use of power often becomes a problem. The causes of power abuse and the church’s response are explored.

ChinaSource Perspective

Walking in the Light and the Need for Vigilance

A word from the president of ChinaSource. 

Resource Corner

Online Videos on the Church and Misuse of Authority

Four videos that deal with the abuse of power in the church.


Witnessing Christ through Ethical Leadership

The guest editors' point of view. 

Supporting Article

Beyond Courageous Leadership and Servant Leadership

What Does Leadership Failure in the West Teach the Chinese Church?

The author looks at positive and negative results of both courageous and servant leadership. From Willow Creek Community Church and the moral failure of its pastor, he draws out lessons to be learned for China’s churches. 

Supporting Article

Not Ruling Over but Feeding the Sheep

Thoughts on the Boundaries of Authority and Power in the Chinese Church

What type of church structure would be best for China’s churches? Considerations include China’s historical church governance, the church’s place in society and government, and how to handle situations of power abuse.

Supporting Article

Being on Guard against “Spiritualized Political Correctness” in the Church

Spiritual political correctness is a form of legalism shrouded by an appearance of spirituality. While it shapes believers’ thoughts and behavior, over time it harms faith and the church and prepares the ground for the abuse of power by pastors. This requires our serious attention.

Book Reviews

When a Celebrity Pastor Falls, Will There Be Apostates?

A Book Review

This novel, in Chinese, is based on the life of Watchman Nee. It looks at his complex relationships as well as his thinking and that of those around him.