Summer 2011

View From the Wall

The Missing Goal and the Absence of Freedom

What does the educational system lack to nurture healthy people and a healthy society?

Resource Corner

Teacher Education in China

A White Paper

A white paper entitled "Teacher Education in China: A Context Study" is available.

Book Reviews

Glorification of Educational Success

Governing Educational Desire: Culture, Politics, and Schooling in China by Andrew Kipnis. University of Chicago Press (Chicago: 2011), 174 pp. ISBN 13:978-0-226-43755-2; $27.50.

Reviewed by Lisa Nagle

Chinese families have a deep cultural desire for education.


Chinese Education

From Hallowed to Hollow

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "Christians and Education in China" (CS Quarterly, 2011 Summer).

Supporting Article

The Alternative Education Movement in China and Its Challenges

Can alternative education work in China? What are the misconceptions and challenges?

Supporting Article

The Challenge of Inequality in Chinese Education

Geography, economics and access all contribute to creating inequality in Chinese education.

Lead Article

History and Culture in China’s Education

China's history and culture are key factors that help create the environment for education in the country.