Summer 2003


The Greatest Story Never Told?

The editor's perspective.

Lead Article

Answering China’s Influencers

Opinion Leaders and the Gospel

Who are the ones influencing China today?

Supporting Article

The Development of the Middle Hues

The new middle class in China

Supporting Article

The Interior Decoration Tycoon of Shanghai

The story of Jiang Jiexue, one of China's Christian entrepreneurs.

Peoples of China

A New Voice

Trends in Chinese Pop Culture

Exploring the characteristics of emerging Chinese pop culture.

View From the Wall

Where is the Voice of the People?

Listening to the heart of the Chinese people.

Book Reviews

Globalization with Chinese Characteristics

Popular China: Unofficial Culture in a Globalizing Society by Perry Link, Richard P. Madsen and Paul G. Pickowicz, editors. 

A Review by Glenys Goulstone