Summer 2001

Lead Article

Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Turbulent Future

The system-wide transformation already well underway in China will bring rapid change over the next decade—in society and culture and eventually in politics also. As WTO-related reforms are introduced, the process of change will be highly complex, even chaotic at times. We need to look beyond the superficial headlines about China as a threat to U.S. interests and see both the sober challenges faced by its government as well as the needs of the people.

Supporting Article

Challenges Facing China’s Church Leaders Today

Fast-paced changes pulverizing the Chinese culture, economy and education system are having a significant effect on the church in China. What are the challenges that today's church leaders face in the midst of that change?

Book Reviews

The Fourth Generation

China’s New Leaders: the New Generation by Cheng Li.

Reviewed by Greg Moore

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Demystifying China’s New Leaders

Once again China is in the midst of political succession. A new generation of Chinese leaders, known as the “fourth generation,” is poised to take the helm of power in the country. What do we know about these leaders?

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Chinese Students in the West and China’s Future

With increasing numbers of Chinese students coming to West, how can the church be prepared to reach them with the gospel?

View From the Wall

What We Chinese Fear Today

A tongue-in-cheek look at the fears of the people of China today and a final challenge.

Peoples of China

Pray for the Leaders of China

One of our goals at ChinaSource is to alert Christians around the world to the needs of unreached Chinese peoples. Historically, we (along with many others) have focused on the minorities of China, and we rejoice that interest in taking the gospel to these needy people groups has begun to grow. More recently, we have been stirred by the needs of unreached peoples among the Han majority, many of them defined by socio-cultural rather than ethno-linguistic factors. The leaders of the government of China constitute one such group.