Summer 1999

Lead Article

Chinese Intellectuals and the Search for Modern China

The role that Chinese intellectuals play in the spread of the gospel in China.

Supporting Article

Why I Would Not Become a Christian

Reflections on God and Culture

Fan Xuede’s article is not an easy one to read. Here you will find the brutally honest soul of a contemporary mainland Chinese mind, who views the West— and the Christian religion—from a 20th  century non-western perspective. You may not be ready for what you will find. A former Marxist philosopher who is now living in the United States, his words will warm your heart and move you to tears. It may also surprise, shock, anger, shame, and convict you. Our prayer is that it will move you to your knees, to prayer and to action.


Apologists or Antagonists?

Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel

The editor's perspective. . .

Supporting Article

Reflections on the Bombing of the Chinese Embassy

The implications of the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade for reaching Chinese students with the gospel.

Supporting Article

Partnership—the Key to Reentry

To help Christians be better prepared to return to their home countries, true partnerships are needed.

View From the Wall

The Dilemma for Chinese Intellectuals

Social Consciousness or Personal Interest

Who are the intellectuals in China today and how are they influencing Chinese society?

Supporting Article

Who are the Chinese Intellectuals?

Understanding today's intellectuals in China and their interaction with the Christian faith.

Peoples of China

Intellectuals and Gateway People Groups

Strategically, reaching intellectuals with the gospel may be key to reaching China as a whole.

Book Reviews

Where East Meets West

One World: Two Minds, Eastern and Western Outlooks in a Changing World by Denis Lane, 

Reviewed by Wright Doyle