Spring 2002

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Operation China

Paul Hattaway's Operation China now on CD-ROM for Windows/Mac.

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Understanding China’s Intellectuals

Lessons from History

Cross-cultural workers in China service are increasingly aware of the strategic importance of reaching China’s urban intellectuals. Some of these intellectuals, often (mis)named “Cultural Christians,” have taken up Christian thought as a subject for serious academic study. At the same time, these are exciting, confusing days. China is stepping onto the international scene as a member of the WTO. She is searching for new ideas and values. What can the history of China, and the history of Christian missions in China, teach us as we seek to understand China’s intellectuals?

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Sweet and Sour Lessons from Chinese History

Essential lessons from history for today's cross-cultural workers.

Peoples of China

Why We Must Not Forget the Past

Lessons from the past on reaching China's minorities

Book Reviews

Building a Nation

Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of a Modern China 1857-1927 by Ryan Dunch. 

Reviewed by Jason Kindopp


Discovering “His Story” in China

The editor's point of view ...

View From the Wall

Beyond the Shadow of History

How can China's history be used to shape the future?

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Seeing China through the Lenses of History

The people of China view current events through two historical lenses.