Autumn 2013

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God at Work in a Student Leader

A Book Review

A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling. Tyndale Momentum; 1st edition, 2011, 370 pp, ISBN-10:1414362463, ISBN-13: 978-1414362465; $19.04 at

Chai Ling gives an eye-witness account of the 1989 student movement and massacre in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. She speaks of her early life, her involvement in the student movement and its influences upon her as well as her coming to faith in Christ. She continues to honestly address the questions she puts to God and her relationship with him.


Thinking with Their Hearts

Postmodernism in China

From the editor's point of view...

Peoples of China

Serving the Postmodern Generation

Having worked with Chinese students from overseas who are studying in North America, the author poses the question of how North American Chinese churches should modify their strategies in order to reach these students. After detailing some of the characteristics of postmodern students, he draws from his experience to explain and give examples of strategies he has found useful.

View From the Wall

The Postmodern Shift of Chinese Young People

The author looks at the postmodern shift in China as he has observed it and from a very practical point of view. He goes on to give examples of how this shift affects education, employment and daily living within the nation.

Supporting Article

Pastors Reaching and Ministering to Today’s Generation

How can pastors and church leaders minister to the younger generation at this opportune time? The author discusses five principles that include incarnational love, a compassionate attitude, helping the younger generation grow in godliness, perseverance and depth of character, enabling them to live out the gospel in a practical manner and leading them towards a God-sized vision.

Supporting Article

Urge for Faith

Postmodern Beliefs among Urban Chinese

Historical events following Mao's death left an ideological vacuum in China. This has created a strong need for faith, even an urge, so as to avoid the risk of further social disruption and political instability. While postmodernism, with its relativity and lack of absolutes, is trying to fill this void, it also leaves people questioning and open to exploring faith.

Supporting Article

Identifying Postmodernism

The author provides a brief look at the history of postmodernism.

Lead Article

Postmodernism and Its Effects on China

An explanation of the rapid infiltration and rise of postmodernism in China is followed by a look at postmodernism's multifaceted effects on the nation. Postmodern trends in modern society, its challenges to traditional values and the infiltration of New Age and postmodern spirituality are discussed.

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