Autumn 2010

Peoples of China

Finding the People in the People’s Republic

There are numerous challenges that could derail China's march to super-power status including a collapse of the banking system, regional disintegration, environmental disaster, and military miscalculations. However, perhaps the most likely factor to prevent China's rise will be the one the government can least do anything about: demography. China, as always, has too many people; now, however, it is also lacking in females, youth, and sooner rather than later, a workforce to support its retired population.


Waking Up to the Future

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "Looking Ahead in China" (ChinaSource, 2010 Fall).

Supporting Article

The Future of Business as Mission in China

A look at benefits of "business as mission" for China and the trends in the China that will affect its viability and potential impact.

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Family Ministry Approaches

Three Models toward a Lifestyle

Parents have the primary responsibility to disciple their childrennot the church or the school. Three approaches are discussed and evaluated with practical suggestions for churches to support parents.

View From the Wall

Great Expectations

Medical care and other social services are taking highly positive trends throughout China.

Lead Article

Following Hu?

What are the possibilities regarding the future leadership of China?

Book Reviews

Country Driving

A Journey through China from Farm to Factory

Country Driving: A Journey through China from Farm to Factory by Peter Hessler. Harper (New York: 2010), 438pp. ISBN 978-0-06-180409-0, $27.99.

Reviewed by Wayne Martindale