Autumn 2009

Book Reviews

A New Appreciation for a Genuine Understanding of People and Culture

A Book Review

China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society by Peter Xiaoming Yu and G. Wright Doyle. 

Reviewed by Tricia Bølle

Peoples of China

The Unique Role of Foreigners in Present Day China

Who are the foreigners that have gone to China in the past and today?

View From the Wall

What Churches in China Need Today

The Living Water

There are key areas that agencies need to consider for their involvement in China to be effective and lasting.


What if We’re Out Tomorrow

From the editor's  point of view...

Supporting Article

Biblical Mandates, God’s Calling, and Overseas Workers in China

Is the role of foreign workers in China changing? Yes and no. The biblical mandates remain unchanged: go into all the world; make disciples of all nations; love your neighbor; build my church. These scriptural imperatives also remain unfinished. Is the role of the foreign worker changing? It depends on where the worker is and who he or she relates to.

Supporting Article

Looking Backwards and Forwards

A ChinaSource interview conducted by Kay Danielson with a long-time expatriate Christian working in China.

Lead Article

The Changing Role of Foreign Workers in China

Do foreigners still have a place in China service? A long-time worker in China provides perspective on the complexities of facing workers in China today.