Autumn 2001

ChinaSource Quarterlies

Education in China

Vol. 3, No. 3

 Autumn 2001

Lead Article

The Marketization of China’s Education

Major shifts are ocurring in the Chinese education system. What are those changes and how are they affecting students and families?

Supporting Article

Ministry of Education Goals for 2001

What goals does the Ministry of Education have for 2001?

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Private Education

Private schools are a new phenomenon in a country where the government has long assumed exclusive control for education. Today, though, private schools are flourishing. 

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“Foreign Teachers” in China

"Foreign teachers" impact students in China in many ways. There are also challenges to be met 

Supporting Article

Life of a Student

How does a student in a Chinese private school spend his day?

View From the Wall

Getting Out of the Mud

As China’s rapidly changing market reform enters the 21st century, China’s educational reform, in contrast, seems to experience little change. Nevertheless, changes in education are occurring. While these changes have not caught the attention of many people, nonetheless, their meaning is more far reaching than most realize.


Education: For Whom? And Why?

The editor's perspective.

Supporting Article

China and the Olympics

Prospects for Change

Looking ahead to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Book Reviews

Peeking beneath the Surface

An Introduction to the Mainland Chinese Soul, LEAD Consulting.

Reviewed by Kay Danielson