WU Xi (pseudonym) began serving China during the mid-70s, just before China’s Open Door policy was implemented. He served in many different capacities including working with Chinese scholars studying in the West, front-line evangelistic work, and church mobilization for China. He now focuses on developing China’s mission ecosystem.

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Doing Missions with Chinese Characteristics

Developments in the Indigenous Missions Movement from China
Vol. 22, No. 1

Summer 2020

Supporting Article

The Heart Cries of Frontline Workers in Muslim Countries

Interviews by the Guest Editor

WU Xi candidly speaks of difficulties China’s frontline missionaries face as they move into cultures different from their own. Churches and sending agencies need to address these issues if the work of their missionaries is to be effective.


The Nuts and Bolts of IMM from China

From the desk of the guest editor.

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Who Will Be China’s Issachar Tribe?

 . . . those who have understanding of the times and know what should be done to reach the unreached.

Blog Entries

Big Name Leaders and Nameless Heroes

Two urgent needs of the indigenous missions movement from China.

Blog Entries

Search and Research

We continue our series on research and the indigenous Chinese church with part three—a look at some of the publically available resources for research in China.


China Emerging as a Mission Sending Country

Be Watchful of Pitfalls

The guest editors' point of view.