Wei Zhou

Wei Zhou is the founder of First Fruits Reading Society and the author of various articles and a recent book, Thirty Concepts that Relate to Eternity

Supporting Article

The Influence of Denominations on Church Organizational Structure in China

The issues of theological stance and church governance that impact the decision of whether or not to be a part of a denomination are discussed.

View From the Wall

Families, Churches, and China’s Transition

Historical influences on family structure and how this structure has collapsed in recent decades are reviewed. The author then recognizes that family order has been established by God and must be restored. This is essential for China’s transformation. The role the Chinese church should play in this restoration needs to be thought through.

Supporting Article

Liberalism and China’s Churches

After defining the term “liberalism,” the author introduces the liberal intellectuals, many of them city dwellers, who began joining churches and consequently have created tension between liberalism and Christian perspectives. He explores churches’ reactions to this tension and also discusses the attitude of anti-liberals toward Christianity.