WANG Jun is currently associate Professor of Philosophy at Southeast University in Nanjing and writes and speaks about traditional Chinese ethics and Christianity. He has authored several books, the most recent being Ethics of Reading

Book Reviews

The Shaping of Christianity in China Today

A Book Review

Two book reviews provide Eastern (WANG Jun ) and Western (Richard Cook) perspectives on Surviving the State, Remaking the Church: A Sociological Portrait of Christians in Mainland China by Li Ma and Jin Li in which the responses to faith by Chinese Christians in mainland China since 1949 are explored through many interviews.

Lead Article

The Preeminence of Love in Chinese Families

The author begins by explaining “love” as historically defined by Mohism and Confucianism, that is, universal love versus love based on blood kinship. He delves into the differences between these two kinds of love, especially as they relate to family structure and authority as well as to extended family relationships. He then turns to Christian love, its relationship to these two ideologies and how it can influence the culture.