Tricia Bølle

Tricia Bølle

Tricia Bølle has been working with young adults in universities and local faith communities for since 2008.

A graduate of Stanford University, she founded an educational nonprofit, DEI in Asia, to develop programs and training to promote personal growth, civic engagement, women’s issues, crisis intervention, and psychological well-being among Chinese university students and young adults.





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Finding Faith and Purpose

The Search for Meaning for Young Adult Catholics in China

China’s young adults are searching for meaning in their lives. The Catholic Church is working to help them realize their God-given potential and allow them to discover their special calling in Christ. One obstacle to this is that many Catholics lack a strong belief in a personal God who loves them and created them for a special purpose. The author examines how the Catholic Church is dealing with these issues.


The Legacy of Catholicism


The guest editor's point of view.

Book Reviews

When the Well Runs Dry:

Prayer beyond the Beginnings
A Book Review

After many years of devoted prayer and Christian living, we sometimes find it difficult to feel God’s presence. In our pursuit of a deeper prayer life, we often come up dry and wanting. Fr. Green provides an important understanding of prayer for many Christians who start to wonder why their prayers have begun to feel empty. Using the examples of some of the great mystics of the Christian tradition, he imparts to us some of their wisdom so we can better understand the journey of the interior life and the true call to faith in prayer that the Lord gives us.

Book Reviews

A New Appreciation for a Genuine Understanding of People and Culture

A Book Review

China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society by Peter Xiaoming Yu and G. Wright Doyle. 

Reviewed by Tricia Bølle