Books by Tabor Laughlin

Tabor Laughlin (pseudonym) is a PhD student in Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He received his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Missions and his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He has been serving in China for ten years, and is president of a small sending agency in China, overseeing fifteen workers in three cities.

Laughlin currently lives with his wife and children in Deerfield, IL. He blogs at ChinaSource and Desiring God, and is the author of Becoming Native to Win the Natives (Wipf and Stock Publishers).

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Becoming Native to Win the Natives

Cross-Culturally Becoming All Things to All Men

Becoming Native to Win the Natives first looks at how we are to imitate Christ's love and humility to effectively love those to whom we are ministering. The book then covers many specific aspects of life abroad and how we can better live like the locals in many areas so that some may be saved.