Ronald Yu

Ronald Yu teaches theology and missions at the Chinese Mission Seminary in Hong Kong and facilitates workplace service platforms in China.

Supporting Article

Combating the Cult Almighty God Church

The author takes an in-depth look at Almighty God Church (formerly Eastern Lightning) and its impact on China’s house churches. He looks at early house church responses to this cult as it began infiltrating congregations as well as later responses as it became a greater problem. Yu shares with us a portion of the biblical Christology he developed to refute the erroneous teachings of this group.

Book Reviews

Constructing China’s Jerusalem

Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou

Nanlai Cao, a research assistant professor at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, gives us a unique and comprehensive analysis of the Wenzhou revival. His study pursuits in both China and Western metropolises, as well as his intimate connection with Wenzhou (native family connections through his mother and grandparents) offers him a perspective not otherwise readily possible.


The Shop Church: The Second Mile

Filling the gap for rural church planters working in urban factory areas, shop-churches provide both income and position for effective outreach to factory workers.

Supporting Article

Tentmaking and Indigenous Urban Mission in China

Few rural evangelists and pastors have really given up their farms or relied on the churches for their living. The author explains more.