Reggie Reimer

Reggie Reimer (pseudonym) has served alongside migrants in China for 15 years.


The Struggles and Strengths of China’s Migrant Workers

From the desk of the guest editor.

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Reflections from a Foreign Friend: My Years with China’s Migrants

Reimer explains how the hukou, or family registration system, creates difficulties for individuals, families, and society. He addresses the rural/urban divide, then discusses how evangelizing the migrant “floating population” is one good way to fulfill Christ’s global mandate.

Supporting Article

The Journeys of Five Migrant Women

Five migrant women who moved to Beijing from 1989 to 2010 at different ages describe their experiences. Each one discusses her values, challenges, hardships, and successes following the move into the city, as well as her faith and plans for the future.

Blog Entries

Getting to Know China’s Migrant Workers

The 2022 spring issue of CSQ comes out next week and introduces us to the stories of China’s migrants and to some of the demographics and policies that impact them.