R. Coleman

R. Coleman (pseudonym) and his wife have served in Asia since 1980. They began by helping facilitate church health and disciple-making in established churches. Over the years, the Lord opened up a work of facilitating missions mobilization in several countries of East Asia.

Most recently, they have begun a new work with their sending organization—catalyzing engagement with diaspora peoples worldwide. Beginning from their background with Chinese leaders and churches, the Colemans are helping their fellow global workers recognize unreached diaspora people groups in their context. They connect with them, and work together to evangelize and disciple their own people. As God leads, the global workers and diaspora leaders will move beyond their own people to reach other unreached people groups nearby.

Blog Entries

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I went on a vision trip with other members of SACON to Eswatini and Zimbabwe. Chinese people were everywhere. God put them on my heart! Now I’m reaching out to them using fitness and sports outreach.