Qiao Liang 良巧

Qiao Liang 良巧  (pseudonym) served in Asia since 1999 and has been involved with training for Asian cross-cultural workers since 2006. While presently focusing on doctoral studies in education, facilitation of cross-cultural training and coaching resources for Chinese missionaries remains a joyful area of service.


Calling, Vocation, and Spiritual Formation for Chinese Mission

This paper is a brief discussion of calling, vocation, and spiritual formation as it relates to Chinese Christians in mission service and the churches that send them.

Originally written as an assignment in the author’s doctoral program, the paper is based on interviews with Chinese Christians about their journey of spiritual formation, their life callings, and vocational stewardship. Other relevant research is also included.

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Cultivating Chinese Missionaries Faithfully and Realistically

There is a Chinese saying 《十年树木,百年树人》 which means, “It takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred to cultivate a person.”