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The “Ping Pong Diplomat” has lived and worked in China for more than 15 years. Since the very first day, the culture, politics, and trends of China have captivated him and informed the work he has been involved with these many years.

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Invisible China

A Book Review

[A]s Invisible China so clearly points out, for China’s trajectory to continue upward, the country must address and overcome the significant and complex issues facing the unseen rural millions of people living beyond the cities.

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Making History

A Review of From Rebel to Ruler

A reflection on Party history from seeds planted in late imperial China to the present day. . . . a broad overview of the main characters, movements, and ideologies that have shaped the CCP.

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Chinese Communist Party Centennial—Struggle and Flexibility

We must remember that the way the Party views itself is critical to how it interacts with its own populace, particularly to people belonging to faith communities rooted in belief systems beyond Marxist-Leninism. Most of all, we must remember we serve the Lord of Lords who will put all powers in their place before his feet.